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Matthew Robinson

Principal and Director Energy and Water, Asia Pacific


Phone: +61 3 8676 3500

Office: Melbourne

My Experience

  • BEng (Hons), Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Matthew leads Advisian’s Energy and Water division advising clients in both the public and private sectors across Asia Pacific. An industry leader in HV power engineering and project delivery, Matthew has spent 20 years’ working in major equipment manufacturers and project delivery companies in Australia, United Kingdom and USA.His experience encompasses the breadth of the electrical power industry from generation to distribution including design, equipment manufacture, test, supply, installation and operation. Matthew is an expert in strategy development and management with design experience from small to multi-million dollar EPC projects, including post-contingent support and nuclear plant operations.

  • The Naked Organisations (The Benefits of a PMO exposed), F.Dunn, M.Robinson, B. Rozmiarek. Paper presented at AIPM National Conference 2007, Hobart.
  • Smart Energy for Remote Communities, M.Robinson. Paper presented at EWB/Engineers Australia Engage Forum 2012, Melbourne.
  • Nuclear Power in the Middle East, M.Robinson. Paper presented to Australian Uranium Conference 2012, Fremantle.

Related Expertise

My Expertise

  • Industry strategy
  • Project planning
  • Project management
  • Construction design management
  • Risk assessment & management – including method statement production
  • Witness and Type Testing (HV Equipment)
  • Continuous Improvement (Six Sigma)

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