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Mike Lelliott

Practice Lead - Water


Phone: +44 208 326 5231

Office: London

My Experience

  • BSc
  • MSc

Mike is the Water Sector lead for Advisian Europe leading a multi-disciplinary team of water specialists who provide solutions to hydrocarbons, minerals and metals, and infrastructure customers working across Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia.

Mike is a leader with a proven record of building and maintaining customer, regulatory, and government relationships. He is adept at collaborating with customers to clarify and refine project objectives and building teams to ensure delivery to meet customer requirements.

Throughout his career Mike has gained a wide range of technical experience, including hydrogeology, water resource and management studies, water accounting and valuation, environmental assessment, and contaminant fate and transport studies. He has a Bachelor’s degree in geology and a Master’s degree in hydrogeology. Mike has worked extensively in Europe, Central Asia, and Africa.

Prior to joining Advisian, Mike was Water Services Manager for AMEC Foster Wheeler Growth Regions and Operations Manager for RPS Group Mongolia.