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Paul Ebert

Global Director, New Energy


Phone: +61 9495 0500


My Experience

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Wind Turbine Aerodynamics
  • Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Mechanical Engineering, Honours 1
Paul has always worked at the change end of the energy spectrum, in a career of more than twenty years concentrating on technological and business disruption. He has expertise particularly in clean energy systems, including renewables and hybrids with various fossil technologies, but also their innovative uses in networks, including fringe of grid and micro systems, as well as the enablers for such systems including energy storage and control technologies. Paul currently leads Advisian’s global New Energy team, which is helping clients transition the energy solutions of the past to those of the future in work that covers asset investment, strategy development, technology selection, policy and business model evolution. As well as his role at Advisian, Paul holds a number of advisory and board positions in the renewables and related research sector and is currently Chairman of the Australian Government’s ARENA Advisory Panel.

Related Expertise

My Expertise

  • Clean energy generation
  • Renewable/fossil hybrids
  • Policy development
  • Fringe of grid and islanded systems
  • Energy storage developments
  • Government grant streams

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