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Laith Amin

Senior Vice President Digital Enterprise, North America

Clare Anderson

Study Manager/Principal Consultant

Bruce Andrews

Senior Principal Pipeline Consultant

Bradley Andrews

President | Digital Enterprise

Richard Antoline

Principal Solar Specialist

Sri Aparajithan

SVP, Strategy Consulting & Private Equity

Jason Armistead

EVP, Operations

Jock Armstrong

Global Subsector Leader – Bauxite and Alumina

Mark Ashton


Adam Aspinall


James Assem

Principal Consultant

Stuart Atkinson

Principal Water Resources Consultant

Darren Bailey

Asia Pacific Corporate Director & Company Secretary

Paul Baker

Principal Geotechnical Consultant

Rachel Balmer

Study Manager (Europe)

David Beckett


Mary Boucher

Director, Sales & Marketing

Adam Boughton

Regional Executive Manager, Sub-Sahara Africa

Kerryl Bradshaw

Principal, Western Australia Branch Manager and Asia Pacific Minerals & Metals Sector Lead

Daniel Brieba

Senior Advisor

Steve Burks

Managing Principal, Process and Operational Improvement

Philip Burris

Technical Director Water Resources

Thomas Cadwalader

Sr. Vice President

Andrew Campbell

Managing Consultant, Advanced Analysis, Technical Consulting AUW

Nic Candotti


Tim Capes

Senior Associate

Mihaela Carpo

Chief of Staff

Alex Cass

Principal Consultant

Antonio Cerezo

Senior Technical Specialist - Ports

Aurie Chidziva

Director, Human Resources NA

Lance Christie

Manager Sulphur Technology

John Christopherson

Principal and Asia Pacific Transport (Rail & Ports) Sector Lead

David Clark


John Connell

Senior Associate

Steve Cooper

Hydrocarbons Manager (AUE)

Mark Cowan

Location Director

Paul Curry

Executive Vice President Chemicals and Petrochemicals

John Davidson

Principal Consultant, Head of Department – Mechanical and Piping Engineering

Susette Dixon

Principal and NSW Branch Manager

Pat Doyle

Principal and Asia Pacific Transport (Roads & Airports) Sector Lead

Peter Doyle

Executive Consultant

Cameron Druery

David Dudzik

Vice President, Operations

Gerard Dyson

Managing Director Americas

Kai Eberspaecher

Senior Associate

Paul Ebert

Global Director, New Energy

Stuart Elliot

Senior Advisor

Lynette Fick (Eden)

Senior Analyst

Dennis Finn

Global CEO

WH Fok

Executive Consultant

Ian Fraser

Senior Associate

Tony Frencham

Executive Consultant

Brad Fuge

Global Service Line Lead, Geosciences

Warren Galbraith


Steve Gale

Technical Director, Gas Processing

Tim Gamage

Senior Associate

Craig Gardiner


Fiona George

Principal Consultant

Tony Geraghty

VP Business Development, Europe

Chris Gill

Global Director Chemicals

Loshni Govindsamy

Project Manager

Tasman Graham

Principal, QLD, NT & PNG Branch Manager and Global Environment & Society Lead

Barry Greensmith


Paul Griffiths

Principal, Branch Manager Victoria, South Australia and New Zealand and Director

Thierry Guny


Foo Hah


Gavin Hall

Managing Director Europe, Middle East & Africa

Steve Halvorsen

Senior Associate

Allison Hanly

Project Manager / Principal Consultant

James Harris

SVP, Chemicals

Clive Hedley

Manager of Projects UK, Technical Consulting

Michelle Herbert

Practice Manager, Environment and Society (Resource Infrastructure), Sub-Sahara Africa

Ryan Hill

APAC Operations Manager

David Ho

Principal Consultant – Advanced Analysis

Adrian Hobbs


David Hodgson

Senior Associate

Harry Houridis

Marine Science – Practice Manager

Michael Humphry

Senior Associate

Roy Hunt

Global Service Line Lead – Decision & Risk Analysis / Principal

Tracy Jacquemin

Environment and Society MMCHP

Cathy Johnson

Chemicals Lead for EMEA

Ian Jones

Managing Principal

Clay Jones

Global Managing Consultant

Amrita Karunakaran

Vice President and Chemical Sector Lead, North America

Alex Katsanos

Senior Associate

Stephen Kennedy

Executive Vice President, EMEA

Merrick Kerr

Global Chief Financial Officer

Samir Ketkar

Senior Associate

Peter Kriel

Senior Consultant: Environmental (Waste Management)

Terrel LaRoche

Global Managing Consultant

Kwok Cheung (KC) Law

Director, Geotechnical Services UK

Rowan Lawson

Finance Director

Mike Lelliott

Practice Lead - Water

Jon Lewis

Global Director, Gas Processing

Chunhui Liu

Principal Maritime Engineer

Tom Mackiewicz

Finance Officer

Neil Mackintosh

Vice President Sales and Marketing

Tariq Mahmood

Senior Associate

David Mair

Senior Principal Consultant

Zoltan Maklary

Principal & Operations Manager

Peter Mann


Conor Marley

Principal, Asia Pacific Chemicals Sector Lead and Asia Pacific Operations Excellence Service Line Lead

Craig Marriott

Global Lead, Safety Consulting

Alastair McClymont

Senior Geophysicist

Ian McIntyre

Principal and Global Lead, Contracting Strategy, Expert Witness and Dispute Resolution

Rod McLeod


Bernardo Meizoso

Electrical & IC Engineer Lead

Peter Mellor

Indonesian Country Manager

Elena Miceski

Principal Social Consultant

Juan Ramón Miguélez

Infrastructure Lead, Spain, Principal Consultant Environment and Society

David Miller


Donovan Munro

Acting Managing Principal – Metals and Minerals

Jim Murdoch

SVP, Analysis

Margrit Muskens

Regional Environmental Manager, Middle East

Abe Nezamian

Director, Asset Integrity Management

Jim Nichols

SVP, Exploration & Production

Lex Nielsen

Principal Consultant

Damon O’Brien

Director, Infrastructure UK

Nicola O’Hara

Regional Senior Manager, Middle East

Phil O'Neil

Senior Associate

Tomás Ostolaza

Principal Consultant- Study Director

Laurie Pankratow

Principal Geophysicist, Manager - Geophysics

Diego Parra

Hydrocarbons Manager, Madrid

Phil Penfold

Managing Director - Europe

Gavin Penny

Safety and Risk Engineering Manager

Wilma Penrose

Executive Consultant

Steve Perrens


Peter Picking

Senior Associate

Steve Pollitt

Business Development Director, Sulphur Technology

Steve Porter

Managing Director Asia Pacific

Louise Porteus

Programme Director Environment and Society

Terry Poynton


Jim Purvis

Director Operations

Jeremy Rae


Geetha Ramesh

Principal Consultant; Practice lead Health Americas

James Restuccia


Sharon Rich

Manager of Engineering

Bruce E Riddle

Principal and Asia Pacific Social Infrastructure Sector Lead

Phil Roberts


Paul Roberts

Principal Consultant

Craig Robinson


Matthew Robinson

Principal and Director Energy and Water, Asia Pacific

Mark Roby

Senior Associate

Tanya Romanenko

Practice Lead – Environment & Society UK

Ben Saffron

Senior Associate

Barry Samria

SVP, Operations

John Schepis

Global Sector Lead, Infrastructure

Chiara Senzolo

Study Director – Deputy Environment Lead

Wayne Sharpe

Senior Associate

Jamie Silk

Specialist Advisor

Chris Slater

Principal Geoscientist, Manager - Geophysics

David Smart

Director, Ports

Francois Smit

Practice Manager, Ports and Marine Terminals

David Smith

SVP, Exploration & Production

Brian Smith

SVP, Operations

Steve Smith

Practice Lead - Resource Infrastructure

Adrian Smith

Global Sector Leader - Minerals & Metals

Gilein Steensma

Managing Director, España – Principal Consultant Energy and Water

Rob Stevenson


Bud Strandquest

SVP, Hydrocarbons

Robin Street

Sulphur Technology Consultant

Ryan Strom

Director – Advisian Digital Enterprise Canada

John Sturrock

SVP, Analysis

GT Sundaravadivel

Chief Engineer

Ian Taylor


Chris Tehan


Geeta Thakorlal

President, INTECSEA

Fernando Tiglio


Peter Tolé


David Toms


Alison Tourle

Senior Associate

Edward Tyler

Vice President, Operations

Andrew Uren

Senior Associate

Joe Verghese

Director, Hydrocarbons Consulting

Nick Vincent

Geomatics Practice Lead, Infrastructure

Kevin Wallace

SVP, Head of Refining & Midstream

Heather Warren

Global Chief of Staff

Klinton Washburn

Director, Six Sigma and Lean

Peter Weiley

Branch Manager Hong Kong

Karen Weitemeyer

Geophysics Specialist

Anna Wen


Carol White

Office Manager - Geotechnical Division: East London

Steven Whittal

Regional Director, Restoration & Decommissioning

Roger Williams

SVP, Operations

Craig Williams AM


Yan Yang

EcoNomics™ Director - China

Alan Yau

Utilities Sector Lead, SEA & China

Steven Zhivanovich

Specialist Advisor