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Rich Aspinall

Study Manager, Hydrocarbon Consulting


Phone: +44 (0)208 121 6725

Office: London

My Experience

  • Bachelor of Engineering (BEng Chemical & Process Engineering)
  • IChemE Chartership (CEng, MIChemE)
Rich started his career as a process engineer in 2001. Whilst, as a process engineer, he has worked on projects in all phases of the project lifecycle, he showed strong preference for the front end phases and was delighted to be accepted into the WorleyParsons’ specialist front end division (then called “Select”) in mid-2009. Initially Rich worked as a process engineer in the Select group under the guidance of Mr Joe Verghese but quickly progressed to managing studies/projects across the concept/front end spectrum. Rich’s current position within the Advisian team reflects his strong desire to deliver innovative thinking, sound decision making and well-engineered concepts to our clients.

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My Expertise

  • LNG
  • Gas processing
  • Oil processing
  • Study management
  • Process engineering
  • Technology selection