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Richard Antoline

Principal Solar Specialist


Phone: +34 917 993 194

Office: Madrid

My Experience

  • BSc in Chemical Engineering
Richard has built a strong background in renewable energy since joining WorleyParsons in 2007 and subsequently Advisian in 2015. His expertise is primarily with concentrating solar power (CSP), and he has experience with photovoltaic (PV) and geothermal power applications. Richard has global experience performing engineering services for global projects in multiple countries, including the United States, Kuwait, Morocco, Lebanon, South Africa, Chile, and China, with multiple CSP technologies, including central receiver tower, parabolic trough and linear Fresnel reflector (LFR). Richard provides technical advisory services for projects involving new solar process applications, including solar enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and solar desalination. Richard’s expertise in CSP, and in solar power in general, led to his appointment as Global Solar Lead in 2013, a role which facilitated his relocation from Folsom, California to Madrid, Spain to be a member of the Renewable Energy Center of Excellence, which has proven to be a fast growing market for renewable energy.

Prior to joining Advisian, Richard served as a Design Engineering Specialist for N.A. Water Systems, a division of Veolia Water, where he gained valuable water and wastewater treatment, and detailed design experience predominantly in industrial applications. This culminated with being assigned as Lead Design Engineer for the first ever OPUS process application at the Chevron oil field in San Ardo, California, where he also provided field engineering services during construction and commissioning.

Richard’s history and background includes many engineering services, including feasibility studies, permitting support, conceptual and basic design, detailed design, detailed design review, equipment inspections, project construction and commissioning, and many owner’s engineering support services. His global mindset, willingness to shoulder responsibility, strong technical background and ability to work as a member of a highly productive team has made Richard an asset to his projects.

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My Expertise

  • Scope definition and development
  • Design management
  • Review of specifications
  • Owner’s engineering services
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Renewable energy
  • Water treatment
  • Waste water treatment