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Ryan Strom

Director – Advisian Digital Enterprise Canada


Phone: +1 403 970 4588

Office: Calgary (SW)

My Experience

  • Master of Applied Science
  • Professional Engineer (Alberta)

Mr Strom leads the Advisian Digital Enterprise group in Canada.  This group is part of a global push for WorleyParsons to lead our clients through the creation and management of their digital assets. 

Mr. Strom has a diverse skill set ranging from Transport and Logistics studies, Water and Waste Management to business and project management.  Most recently Mr. Strom has managed a pipeline data migration and analysis project for a major international energy company.

His experience with both consulting and large engineering project businesses provides the perspective necessary to build collaborative and effective teams to deliver a wide range of projects.  This experience also provides clients with the confidence that the risks to their projects are being addressed early when they have the least impact on the overall cost.

With a current focus on leading engagements with resource clients’ digital assets in Canada, Mr. Strom’s project experience also extends to the Middle East, Eastern Europe, South and Central Americas, and the United States.


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My Expertise

  • Project and Business Management
  • Data Integration Strategy Consulting
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Implementation of Geo-Environmental Applications