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Stuart Atkinson

Principal Water Resources Consultant


Phone: +61 08 9278 8644

Office: Perth

My Experience

  • MSc EngSc
  • BEng (Env Hons)
  • MIEAust

Stuart manages the Water Resources Group for Advisian’s Australia West operations in Perth. He has 19 years’ experience in hydrology, hydrogeology and contaminated site assessment gained in Australia and worldwide.

Stuart’s technical experience in hydrology includes investigations aimed at designing flood protection measures, river diversions, flood mapping, floodplain management, real time flood forecasting, water balance modelling, environmental hydrology, dam and TSF design, drainage system design, and bridge and culvert waterway design for railway and roads with lengths (1000km+). This work involved detailed hydrological and hydraulic modelling (1D and 2D).

Stuart also has experience in hydrogeology as the Project Manager for a number of large borefield development and dewatering programmes. Stuart has experience in the development of water supply and dewatering strategies, the design, installation, supervision and testing of groundwater production bores, modelling the impacts of proposed bore fields using a variety of groundwater modelling packages, managed aquifer recharge systems, resource evaluations, environmental impact assessments, licensing and approvals.

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My Expertise

  • Urban, industrial and mine site stormwater drainage design incorporating water sensitive urban design principals
  • Flood studies, flood modelling, risk assessments, flood mapping, design of flood protection measures, and real time flood forecasting
  • Bridge, culvert and floodway waterway crossing designs for railways, roads and pipelines
  • Design of tailings storage facilities (TSFs) and dams, water balance modelling
  • Development of water supply strategies, groundwater exploration (drilling programmes), geophysical surveys and resource assessments
  • Mine dewatering system and borefield design, managed aquifer recharge
  • Numerical modelling of groundwater flow, geochemical processes and contaminant transport
  • Surface and groundwater monitoring and management plans, environmental impact assessments, licence applications and approvals