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Susette Dixon

Principal and NSW Branch Manager


Phone: +61 2 9495 0629

Office: Sydney

My Experience

  • BEng (Civil)

Susette has over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry. She has worked from start up to tunnel opening on the Eastern Distributor, Cross City Tunnel and CLEM7, which provides her with an in-depth understanding of major project delivery challenges and solutions. Her breadth of management responsibilities on these projects includes design and construction of mechanical and electrical systems, tolling systems, traffic management, service relocations, fire and life safety systems, incident management, management systems and environmental management. Susette has also had key roles in major project tenders and proposals, including ECRL, Abbot Point ECI, Brisbane Airport New Parallel Runway Dredging and Reclamation Works, North West Rail Link and NorthConnex. 

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My Expertise

  • Project management and delivery support
  • Road tunnels
  • Fire and life safety and incident management
  • Operational readiness

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