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Tim Gamage

Senior Associate


Phone: +61 409 912 605

Office: 1e9dd3f7-0de5-4edc-ada7-8231ae5a7212

My Experience

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Extractive Metallurgy)
Tim has over 30 years’ experience in the minerals industry working across many mineral groups and processes. He has a strong ability to quickly identify core flaws in systems, allowing him to rapidly identify key leverage points and integrate these insights into a coherent strategy for resolution. He has used these skills to generate significant process improvements with minimal disruption to work systems and development of contracting strategies. He is deadline focused, delivering quality in a timely manner.  
Tim has worked on significant project delivery strategies for the minerals industry and related infrastructure. These include early development of the $9b Roy Hill delivery strategy and market testing, development and execution of the $700m CSBP NAAN3 chemical plant.