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Tony Geraghty

VP Business Development, Europe


Phone: +44 (0)771 734 6660

Office: London

My Experience

BSc (Hons) Chemistry Tony began his career in British Nuclear Fuels where he first recognised the potential for applying a rigorous, systematic approach to evaluating troublesome equipment. Since leaving BNFL, he has led consulting teams and assignments in this area for the past 26 years, amassing an impressive track record of client achievement and a notable reputation as an author and speaker. Tony’s experience has concentrated very much on operational excellence, particularly in the hydrocarbons and infrastructure industries.

Examples of Tony’s involvement in the hydrocarbons industry include assisting a client in the operation of a transportation network of rich gas, condensate and sales gas in Europe and a new oil refinery operator in taking over a 40-year old facility in Africa. Such assistance required gaining a deep and thorough understanding of the operations concerned, including considerations such as capital investment strategy, changes in maintenance strategy, organizational and manning implications, and quality and HSE performance. Study outcomes allowed the creation of forward looking programs in one case substantially extending the life of the installation and in the other doubling output whilst at the same time improving and updating safety systems.

In the power infrastructure industry, Tony and his team worked with a major electricity transmission and distribution company to review the overall network performance down to a level where targeted decisions could be made about individual assets. This allowed the client to plan and justify its capital expenditure, review its operating and maintenance regimes and plan future design changes in a systematic, results driven manner.

Tony has spoken at many conferences both in the UK and internationally at venues such as OTC in Houston and Utility Week in Europe. His works have been published in a variety of journals, including The Oil & Gas Journal, Petroleum Engineer, Maintenance and Asset Management, Works Management, Manufacturing Management, The Engineer, Pharmaceutical Review, and Plant and Works Engineering.

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