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Wilma Penrose

Executive Consultant


Phone: +61 447 633 613

Office: 1e9dd3f7-0de5-4edc-ada7-8231ae5a7212

My Experience

  • BSc (Hons) Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Applied Project Management 
  • Advanced Diploma Program and Project Management
  • Professional Graduate Certificate Arbitration & Mediation 
Wilma is a motivated and passionate leader with about 30 years’ of local and international infrastructure experience. 
Wilma’s career has progressively developed to encompass all aspects of commercial business control and project services, including the synergies between expectations and delivery, whilst continuing to specialize in complex project management, contractual solutions and legal liaison.
As an integral part of a management group, Wilma previously gained extensive experience in arbitration through the International Chamber of Commerce Court of Arbitration in Paris, and more recently arbitration, mediation and adjudication in Australia.
Wilma has worked in both the public and private sectors with in-depth knowledge of governance, accountability and transparency in relation to large infrastructure projects.

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My Expertise

  • Contract administration
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Commercial management